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Allen and Lenalee DGM

Allen: Komui...if Lenalee asks can you tell her I had a mission in town and I'll be back later?

Komui: Sure Allen, but if I may ask, where are you going?

Allen: Just a walk through the park...

Komui: Okay Allen.

(Allen left in his white shirt, gray vest, black pants and a red ribbon around his neck)

Allen: (looking up at the sky, then puts his hands in his pockets and looks down) ~talking to himself~ I miss you Mana. It's been three years now, but I'm still walking. I'll keep walking, although...every year without you is hard.

(at the black order)

Lenalee: Brother have you seen Allen? I need to give him something.

Komui: Oh Lenalee! You just missed him. He was assigned a mission here in town. He'll be back later. (smiles)

Lenalee: You gave HIM a MISSION, TODAY!?

Komui: (confused) Yes. It's just in town here, he'll be back.

Lenalee: I'll go after him. Today should have been his day off! (leaves to look for Allen)

Komui: Reever, what's today?

Reever: Christmas boss.

Komui: We've worked on Christmas before...

(in town)

Allen: (looks around at shops. Buys some flowers)

Lenalee: (searches frantically, keeping a small package in her pocket, asking random people if they'd seen Allen with very little luck.)

Allen: (finds himself passing the park and pretty soon at Mana's grave, placrs flowers on the square of dirt) I'm sorry Mana...I'm sorry for the past. I promised you I'd keep walking even though the pain of you gone has been nearly unbearable. (looks up at the sky,  snow falling around him.) I'll keep walking. And every Christmas I'll visit you. You were the best I ever got...(starts to cry, wipes tears away and walks toward the park) I'll miss you.

Lenalee: (out of breath, reaches the park and looks over to see Allen sitting alone. confused she walks over to him) Allen...

Allen: (looks up, wipes tears away) found me?

Lenalee: Komui said you had a mission. I didn't think it was should have...(reached in pocket) here (held out a little white box) Happy Birthday.

Allen: Lenalee... you didn't have to get me anything (opens the little box. Inside was a little porcelain clown) Lenalee...

Lenalee: I thought it was cute. I hope you like it.

Allen: (starts to cry again, stands up and hugs Lenalee, holding her close) Thank you so much Lenalee...I love it.

Lenalee: (holds on to Allen) I'm glad Allen.

Allen: It means the world to me that you got me this. (he whispers in her ear, then looks up to the snowing sky and cries)
Fan Fiction from D. Gray Man.
DGM (C) Katsura Hoshino
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July 3, 2011
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