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Alois and Lucy-AX 2012 Lesbians? by CourtneyMonroe Alois and Lucy-AX 2012 Lesbians? by CourtneyMonroe
Photo taken by Brian Figueroa

Alois: ~CourtneyMonroe
Lucy: ~SavannahMerie

There's a story behind the title and I'm going to explain it. So her and I are like best friends, yes very close best friends and have been for a long LONG time. So earlier in the day we met a Pedobear and he gave us candy and I happened to get a butterscotch sucker and well who likes butterscotch? So I decided to give it to her, but then I wanted some, so her and I were fighting back and forth on this disgusting candy to the point of where when I was sucking on it and wouldn't let it go she plugged my nose so I couldn't breath until I let go of the sucker. Anyway, we were in line to get a picture taken for this trading card thing, which I'll upload a picture of that later, and she had the sucker and I looked up at her with sad eyes and she put it in my mouth. This caused some chick in line next to us to voice an 'awww' and my sister popped up just to add the joking 'yeah they're gay' but the thing that got us was the woman came back with 'I figured, that's why I said awww' and her and I were just like WHAT!?!?

We're NOT lesbians lol we're just close friends who look forward to being amazing cosplay partners when she gets her Claude cosplay. She'll be the best butler a whore-y brat could ask for. I absolutely love her!

This was at a booth at Anime Expo and for Anime Conji, a con down in San Diego, they were doing a free photo shoot for cosplayers who wanted some pictures taken so I thought why the hell not? I wanted some decent photos in my Alois because I very much like being him. She was also down for some pictures so she jumper in there with me for a shot. I love her.

Anime Expo was a blast and I'm so excited to be going next year! I know I'm late on updating these photos from there, but here they are now.
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July 22, 2012
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