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Allen and Lenalee DGM

(Allen had nothing to do so Lenalee took him on a walk)

Allen: It's nice to have a day off. (puts hands in pockets)

Lenalee: The Millenium Earl has been creating so many Akuma, it's hard to get a day off. (looks up at the sky and stops walking)

Allen: Those poor souls won't get to rest with the Millenium Earl running them around. (looks up and stops with Lenalee)

Lenalee: I worry about you Allen...(turns her attention to Allen) fighting the Akuma, you put yourself in danger...

Allen: (looks at Lenalee) You're put in danger too Lena...

Lenalee: (looking down, crying) I'm used to this Allen...but...

Allen: Don't cry Lenalee...(pulls her close to him) I'll be fine, trust me (smiles)

Lenalee: but Allen...(tears running down her cheeks, looking up at him)

Allen: Don't worry Lenalee, I'll be safe...for you. So you don't worry (wiped away her tear and held her close)

Lenalee: Allen...(stayed in his arms)
Fan Fiction from D. Gray Man.
DGM (C) Katsura Hoshino
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July 3, 2011
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