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Roy and Riza FMA 6

With everything they had been put through, nothing hurt worse than when she was reassigned. Watching her pack her things from his office and not being able to stop her. No longer being able to be by her side protecting her, or having her to not only support him, but protect him as well. No one knew him like she did. She was his everything.

His world appeared to be crashing down around him; his men ,wounded and killed. His woman was taken under the enemies control, but kept close enough to go without suspicion. The war he was fighting seemed endless and impossible. There were very slim sights of an end and with the dwindling number in his forces it was hard to keep going strong. What he wouldn't give to have things the way they were before.  What he wouldn't do just to have them back.

Although, no matter how bad the situation got; no matter how far away from him the Fuhrer kept her, he would continue to fight. He would fight to get her back. He would change the whole world, as it was, if only for her. He would go and get her back, so he could hold her again and she could hold him, because [in] her arms felt like home.
Fan Fiction from Fullmetal Alchemist or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
FMA (C) Hiromu Arakawa

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I wrote this a while ago actually, one day while I was laying out getting a tan with my mother. I decided to write some Royai and this is what came to mind while listening to some music. The last line of the story or thing is from the song more or less, somewhat.

Link to the song: [link]
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So sad... so sweet...
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